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I am so pleased to write about Rossella!  I have taken classes with Rossella for over 10 years in a variety of settings in San Diego including: The Italian Cultural Center, House of Italy as well as on a private basis. Class size has ranged from 2 to 15 students.   Rossella’s teaching techniques are fantastic!  She creatively mixes activities to include development of grammar, reading and listening comprehension with activities to facilitate conversation. She has a wonderful way of making it fun to speak!  Rossella takes a sincere interest in each of her students, is very encouraging and patient and always makes sure each student has an opportunity to talk. Sessions move along and I am always surprised when the session has ended it always goes so fast! I feel that I’ve made very good progress with Rossella’s help and look forward to continuing classes with her.

Judy S, Speech Pathologist

Rossella is by far the best teacher I have ever known, and my experience ranges across the spectrum of American and European education, from professor to student, and for more than four decades.  She develops great lessons that really engage the student, she is always careful about each student’s needs even in a large class, and she manages almost by magic but really by talent to help each student achieve maximum potential.  If you want to learn Italian or Spanish, or anything she decides to teach, you will not find a better teacher or a better deal.

Dr. Victor Laruccia
Director Italian Film Festival SDIFF

I have had the very good fortune of learning the Italian language from Rossella for almost 10 years! I started in her class at the Italian Cultural Center in San Diego meeting every Saturday morning. At the end of each quarter, I along with a number of other classmates would sign up to repeat her course! We loved our lessons with Rossella and what we were learning from her so much and it was evident by the fact that the students were the same people every new quarter! Seven years ago I moved out-of-state. My husband knew how much I enjoyed Rossella's classes and tried researching for a similar organization near us so I could continue studying Italian but it doesn't exist. I contacted Rossella and asked her if she had time to tutor me long distance. She didn't hesitate to say yes and told me she had other students also taking lessons from her over the phone long distance. We started on the phone weekly for one hour and she always e-mailed me an assignment ahead of the lesson as the subject matter. It was great! The only thing missing was my old classmates! I continue my weekly lessons with Rossella to this day now by video conference. Whether in person, on the phone or by live video on the computer, Rossella's lessons of the Italian language are fun and informative. She is always prepared, is creative and very generous with her time. I can't imagine a better way  of learning  the Italian language than from Rossella.

-Elizabeth O.

I have taken Rossella's Intermediate Conversational Italian Class at the House of Italy many times, and she has also given me private lessons. Rossella is always pleasant and unfailingly patient. She creates a comfortable atmosphere for learning, and will always take the time to help when a student is struggling.

Diana L.

Rossella is a kind, patient, stimulating and altogether delightful teacher of Italian. Her conversational classes are tremendous fun, and she engages everyone in the class without making them feel uncomfortable or "on the spot". She chooses interesting topics for the class that delve into Italian current events, Italian literature, songs, art, etc., and the students come away with better knowledge of the Italian language and culture. Rossella is a gem!

Karen V.

Rossella has been my Italian teacher for at least 7 years both at the Italian Community Center in San Diego and the House of Italy in Balboa Park. She brings enthusiasm, knowledge and patience to her classes and always keeps them interesting! I have learned so much from her over the years! She has taught me not only grammar but gives her students "food for thought" on various topics. I am currently enrolled in class, which I look forward to each week. I hope to continue my Italian studies with Rossella. As long as she's teaching, I'll be there!


I have been a student in Ms. Rossella Chiolini Bagley's "Raconti e Canzoni," for two seasons at the Italian Cultural Center in San Diego. Rossella is an excellent teacher that makes you think, in her class, we read short stories and listen to songs in Italian. We have to translate them and analyze them in Italian. You cannot have anybody better to help you improve in your language skills.

Carlos David Malamud

I have been studying Italian with Rossella for the past several years at both the House of Italy in Balboa Park and at the Italian Cultural Center. For me, one of the best aspects of Rossella’s classes is that I feel comfortable speaking. She is patient, kind, encouraging, and helpful and provides a supportive environment. The topics of discussion are always interesting and the subject matter is quite varied, from music to culture to food to social mores. When I visit my family in Italy and they compliment my Italian, the thanks are definitely due to Rossella.

Robin Witkin
Book editor / Wildlife technician

Rossella is a very warm person and excellent tutor. She went above and beyond to help me in processing a grant application that required Italian phone calls and interview prep. She really came to my rescue and I made a huge difference that I couldn’t have done with out! She is patient and professional. I highly recommend her for all your Spanish - English - Italian needs!

Marina Martin

Rossella Chiolini was my personal Italian teacher for 3 years. She was an extremely committed and reliable teacher. She was also very patient. I had already taken two intensive courses, and been studying Italian for a number of years. Together, Rossella and I worked on grammatical structures, and written Italian. We used WEBEX as a tool to conduct the meeting via the internet. Rossella was able to use this tool efficiently and constructively.  Rossella was very committed and extremely reliable. I am happy to recommend her to others wanting to take their Italian language to the next level.

Dr. Lorna Speid,
President Speid & Associates, Inc.

Rossella has an active teaching style that takes into account students’ interests by presenting topics that keep us engaged throughout the session.  Through reading, short videos, music, and group discussion, our ability to communicate in this beautiful language continues to improve!

Ana Martínez

Rossella is probably the best language teacher I have taken classes from. I have taken Italian from her both privately in a small group setting and in large group classes that emphasize conversation and interaction. Rossella brings her own enthusiasm for languages to every class; she brings diverse materials and media to each class to enhance the students’ learning and to assist different learning styles. She is gifted at including every student in the conversation at whatever level of expertise they bring to the class. Everyone gets to practice speaking the new language discussing topics that are both interesting as well as meaningful. Italian is a challenging language and Rossella is able to make her students feel comfortable, confident as well as challenged! We all keep coming back for more! Bravissima!

Photographer Jodie Hulden

I have been enjoying private Italian conversation classes with Rossella for several years.  She has been an excellent teacher.  Our meetings are always lively and entertaining.  She is knowledgeable about questions of grammar and often shares interesting information about the culture and customs of Italy.  She has inspired me to continue studying Italian.  Her passion and enthusiasm both for the language and for Italy have been influential in my decision to travel extensively in Italy – unforgettable trips made much more enjoyable by my ability to communicate with Italians in their own language. 

Harriet HaHn
Partner, Jefla Properties LLC

Rossella Chiolini is a professor of Language Arts. At present she teaches at several educational institutes in San Diego, California. I have been a student in her classes for over 5 years both on a private basis and in classes at City College. Rossella is rather unique in her teaching. She uses techniques that include grammar, reading and conversation. The teaching environment is always cheerful. This helps the students to feel comfortable so that a true process of learning takes place. As for my observation, Rossella has mastered teaching the Spanish/Italian languages with skills, proficiency and accomplishment. 

A. Gerardi
Prof. History & Arts

For the past several years I have taken private lessons with Rossella, meeting with her weekly to improve my level of conversation, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and Italian idiomatic expressions.  She is an excellent teacher, charming and so patient.  She is upbeat and I enjoy studying with her.  Our time together has been fruitful for me and I am one happy student.


Fue un honor tenerla como professora, hoy en día casi no existen verdaderos maestros, disfruté mucho de su clase. Es una excellente profesora aprendí mucho con usted.
Muchas gracias por su paciencia, y su buena energía que trasmitía al dar su clase. Gracias,

Jackeline V.

Thank you so much. I was definitely challenged to listen Spanish, even if I guessed, which helped my comprehension. The pace was quick and topics varied. I appreciated both so much. It was cultural as well as language learning.
My best to you.
With gratitude,

Mike T.

Professor R. Chiolini has mastered the art of teaching Spanish. She knows her subject completely and knows how to teach it. An exceptionally hard working instructor.


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